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03:15pm 19/10/2008
...Sir Psycho Sexy...

Well Hello again everyone, I know it has been forever, but once again, there has been a loss in a family of one that is dear to Me, My girl Carrie lost Her mom just this past Tuesday. I have said a prayer for her and She is in My thoughts in this hard time....

And since I have posted, I have lost My father also... but that was expected...... He is at peace now...
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My newest sweet torment  
09:56pm 23/02/2008
...Sir Psycho Sexy...

Here we go again, the pic above this post is of My new lil Monster. Her name is Jordan alexis..... she is 6 months old and absolutly a handful.

On a sadder note; there has been a tragic loss in My family. A lady I consider My sister, the one who built this page for Me, lost her mom this past tuesday.... she will missed deeply.

I know this is a short post but I am a lil short on time, that lil angel I am showing is screaming for Me
location: In My new place
mood: And no where near sleepAnd no where near sleep
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10:46pm 19/06/2007
...Sir Psycho Sexy...
Well FUCK ppl...... Here we go again.....

I got an IM from My ex wife and I got bad news. The state of Okalhoma is trying to strip My parental rights from Me cause I am not there in Oklahoma and taking care of My Monster. This is her....

Thank the GODS that TC is there at My side, fighting for Me to KEEP them.
It is truly a blessing that I have her here with Me fighting the system and then I had another lil mishap tonight....

I was a Mod in a room at one time and tonight I was stripped of My house tag and then told to leave..... All because when I found out about it (My lil girl) I was talking to the newest Mod and I typed in that I was about to blow My top.... They never took into consideration that I had something R/T going on.....

And so I am now without a "home" online.... but that is Fine with Me... I am a tough lil fucker.... I will find a home even if I have to create it......I just may just out of spite and then have them on my BOS list.... Just to be the evil Spiteful fucker that I know I am

Well.... that is My day as of today....

I will update again when it comes to it......
mood: and in a rageand in a rage
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nothing like getting stabbed in the back  
10:59pm 12/06/2007
...Sir Psycho Sexy...
Well everyone..... it has happened yet again.....

Here I was trying to help a friend and I got FUCKING stabbed in the GOD DAMN back, YET again.....

Here is the story, as it happened:

THere is a girl I know in the chat room I go to and told her that I would help her with a Dom that was bothering her.

We agreed that if ANYthing happened to change that and she wanted to take Me off it, she would tell Me... I checked on it tonight, and she took Me off it and she is planning on putting some FUCK NUGGET that she met 3 days ago on it and is talking about Real Time with him..... I have seen what she is planning and all I can say is that she is in for a WORLD of hurt.....
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Holy Hell.... What a past few months  
11:15pm 25/05/2007
...Sir Psycho Sexy...
Oh My hell..... where to start.... I have had a HELL of a few months; My girl is pregnant and we are having a lil girl.... Her name os going to be Jordan Alexis.... I am so fugging happy I could PUKE.... I am now in town and at My bosses house who has taken Us in like family. They have 6 kids, so I am getting ALL age ranges.... Some fun huh????

I am also in the process of talking to the Ex again, Her and I are great friends it seems; For all that know my story, She is with Jerry now and that is funny as hell.... Heather is the happiest I have heard her in a LONG time... she is telling me all about her being there with Jerry and she is all smiles. I can hear it in her voice.... TC is happy too.... but she is finally getting her break that she wants....

I wanna go further but I am whipped and I need sleep.

I will update more later.... be good y'all..... and if not, don't name it after me
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music: house of a 1,000 corpses- Rob Zombie
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My site designer  
08:01pm 02/11/2006
...Sir Psycho Sexy...
Hey all...... if you are reading this..... then you see My totally KICK ASS page.

It was done by A very dear friend of mine named Jen aka xsassysynnerx..... She is the one who made My banner and all the Icons are hers too.... she is the SHIT when it comes to doing all this for me.... and for that I am forever her friend and she knows it....
mood: crazycrazy
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My first Entry  
06:56pm 30/10/2006
...Sir Psycho Sexy...
Well.... what the hell do I put in here now.... more like where to start....

I am now in a trailer and have 3 roomies. One of them is prego and is My ex's sister. I little bizzare I know. I am also seeing another girl.... Her name is Heather and she is in GA. She is a sweetie and I am all smiles.

I am also looking forward to looking to meeting her, she has 3 little boys and I am sooooooo looking forward to meeting them and letting them meet My monster. (To all that know me, you know who I am talking about) She will be the deal maker..... if she likes her.... then I am picking up and moving again.....
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